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Compare statistics updated monthly: a guide to using the shop

Hello everyone and welcome to this short little announcement, I have recently implemented the new shop of my strategies, you can find it at this link

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain it briefly..

I am an algorithmic trader and I develop trading strategies on futures and stocks, I use Tradestation and Multicharts for coding these strategies.

I created the shop to give everyone the opportunity to use my strategies. They are open source so once purchased you can do what you want with them.

Brief guide to the shop

The systems are automatically updated every first day of the month so as to always have and be able to compare new statistics.

This is the first part you will find

In this section you will also find a link where you can download reports of all my strategies and then manually insert them into my analysis tools like Systems Selecor or Portfolio Composer

After that you can select my strategies from this nice drop down menu

Selected the strategy you will see its equity and the drawdown in percentage

Then move on to the section dedicated to metrics

And finally a series of very useful graphs

To be able to buy them, just write to me at this link

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