Monthly Portfolio Performance: AUGUST

In this series of articles, I show you a quick report of how my trading systems performed during the month just ended.

In this series of articles, I show you a quick report of how my trading systems performed during the month just ended.

This is the link to see last month’s performance:


My portfolio is made up of different trading systems that I choose each month based on their past performance.
In this article you will find which systems I have used in the past month and how I have selected them. At the end of the article you will find the performances I recorded at the end of the month and the necessary links if you want to buy my systems that I actually use.

To select the systems to use for the next month, I use a software that reads the past performance of all the systems I have, and through some filters it selects the systems that have performed best.
To select the best systems I use these filters:
1) Best performance of the last 2 months
2) Only one system per market eg: 1 for energy sectors, 1 for indices and 1 for metals
3) Less portfolio drawdown
4) Stability and returns


Here we will analyze the performance of the best portfolio I have extracted based on the criteria listed above.

This is the list of the best performing portfolios in the last 2 months:

For August I chose the above portfolio with 5 systems.

Below are the portfolio performances:

And now the equity:

I have selected this type of portfolio because in the last 2 months it has brought me a profit of $ 53,000 (with mini contracts it would be $ 5,300), excellent stability and a low drawdown.


In this section, we analyze the types of systems I use, and all the values needed to keep the portfolio standing.

Let’s take a closer look at the portfolio:

Market column: are the markets chosen for each system

Margin required column: are the margins required by the broker to open a position

System name column: the selected strategy name

Stop loss system: the monetary stop loss for each single system

A — Max Margin required: the sum of all the margins required for each strategy

B — Max DD Portfolio: the maximum drawdown recorded by the portfolio

C — Tot Capital: minimum capital required for the portfolio

D — Security Capital: security capital for the portfolio

Once all the data taken from the strategies and the portfolio have been entered, we obtain that in order to use this portfolio we need a minimum capital (see point C) and a capital to be more relaxed (see point D).


In this section you will find the monetary performances for the month ended.

As you can see I recorded a 443$ in this month!

Let’s now see the performance of the individual systems:

Crude Oil
S&p 500


Over the next few days he rotated his wallet by selecting the best systems to keep or replacing them with others.In summary it has been a pretty good month, some systems have not been very performing but thanks to others I have had a good profit this month too!🤟