Apple: Study and data analysis

Understanding how a market moves and its properties will give us a high advantage to build efficient and robust strategies

This process is very important for every trader and should be done by everyone for every underlying that we are going to trade because it allows us to really know what we are dealing with and how to manage it.

These analyzes are free and you can do them too through my online Analysis tool on this link

The instrument we are going to analyze today is APPLE


I first analyze the daily volumes via TradingView and Tradestation. I use a 200-period average on the volumes to calculate them. With more analysis we might find some interesting bias with the volume analysis.

Daily volumes..

Intraday volumes..

the volumes are very high, with intraday trading you will have no problems..


The history available starts from 1980

We will notice various trends in the averages that can be exploited to our advantage


Apple has had an incredible % return in 40 years!

These graph that you will find below are very useful in finding market bias..


Seasonality is a very important part of everything. In this case I used a rolling window seasonality of 90 periods. As you can see through the averages the seasonality also found in the price analysis is reconfirmed



Let’s see how over the years the general volatility of apple has decreased, with the exception of peaks during the various crises


Volatility in the middle of the week appears to reach high peaks


We see how volatility alternates between periods of high and low volatility throughout the year

Finished analysis! In the future, I intend to add more information and graphs to my analysis to provide you with further insights and advice. I hope it helps you to better develop your strategies!

See you in the next article 🖖