NOVEMBER +1,260$ Monthly portfolio performance of my trading systems

Want to know what my systems do month by month? I will show you the profits and losses that my systems generated in the month just ended

Want to know what my systems do month by month? I will show you the profits and losses that my systems generated in the month just ended!

If you missed last month’s article, here is the link.


My portfolio is made up of different trading systems that I choose each month based on their past performance.

In this article you will find which systems I have used in the last month and how I have selected them. At the end of the article you will find the performances I recorded at the end of the month and the necessary links if you want to buy my systems that I currently use.


My portfolio differs in strategies, time-frames and markets.

I use different strategies on different markets to better diversify portfolio performance, I don’t use more than two systems on a market and I balance the weights of each strategy, to find out more, do not hesitate to write to me.

To select the systems to use for the next month, I use a software that reads the past performance of all the systems I have, and through some filters it selects the systems that have performed best.

To select the best systems I use these filters:

  1. Best performance of the last 2 months
  2. Only one system per market eg: 1 for energy sectors, 1 for indices and 1 for metals
  3. Less wallet withdrawal
  4. Stability and returns


Here we are going to analyze the performance of the best portfolio I have extracted based on the criteria listed above

Here is the portfolio I chose based on the last two months before November:

For November I chose the selected portfolio with 5 systems.

The portfolio performance of the two months prior to November is as follows:

I have selected this type of portfolio because in the last 2 months it has brought me a profit of $21,513.75 (with mini contracts it would be $ 2,150), excellent stability and a low drawdown.

While here you see the performance if I had used this portfolio for 12 years:

As you can see, this system’s portfolio has earned $ 759,000 in 12 years!


In this section, we analyze the types of systems I use, and all the values needed to keep the portfolio standing.

Let’s take a closer look at the portfolio:

Market column: are the markets chosen for each system

Margin required column: are the margins required by the broker to open a position

System name column: the selected strategy name

Stop loss system: the monetary stop loss for each single system

A — Max Margin required: the sum of all the margins required for each strategy

B — Max DD Portfolio: the maximum drawdown recorded by the portfolio

C — Tot Capital: minimum capital required for the portfolio

D — Security Capital: security capital for the portfolio

E — % of Drawdown: The maximum historical drawdown of the portfolio (must not exceed 25%)

Once all the data taken from the strategies and the portfolio have been entered, we obtain that in order to use this portfolio we need a minimum capital (see point C) and a capital to be more relaxed (see point D).


In this section you will find the monetary performances for the month ended.

Now I show you the equity line of my entire portfolio which runs from November 1st to December 01st

Single system’s performance:

Crude Oil

As you can see I had a profit of $1,263.35 this month!


It’s been quite a busy month, the systems have reacted well and the portfolio has done its job! I completely recovered last month’s drawdown and brought home a positive month!

See you in the next article 🤘

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